Gigue from Suite 1

Sounding more even, now work on giving the notes character. Think about rise and fall of each phrase. Crescendo towards the middle and decresendo towards the end. On the first trill, just work on a smooth upbow afterwards. And give yourself some credit, you’re doing some things well.

Baccarole (third position piece)

When there’s a lot going on, start with small chunks and get the intervals right, then the shifts, and watch for a delay in that first shift! A metronome will help, and I can always ask for help from somebody, to tell me if they hear a delay or record myself. Get that G-F# shift down before you move on.


We reviewed posture – the left leg is more critical than the right, which really doesn’t play any role at all. Angle the cello and make the endpin comfortable and then see if you can hit the notes (finger 4 on each string) comfortably.

Do more bow exercises on the open string, and think about on releasing tension in the right hand. I can always do the pinky probation exercise.

Part of the teacher’s job is to show us how and what to practice. We worked on a practice plan for the position piece as an example.