General Observations

  • Learn to relax the right side of the right hand. The hand shouldn’t look like it’s trying to suspend the bow in mid-air.
  • There are certain notes that should not only be 99% in tune but 100% in tune. Really go for that maximal ringing.
  • This is particularly helpful on the lower strings where one has more overtones to hear.


  • F major is in pretty good shape going down, but work on making it habitual
  • Start working on D minor

Mooney Position Piece (3d pos. Waltz)

  • Make sure all the A notes ring,
  • Play with a pulse
  • Still needs work to find the notes, and I’m a long way from making it sound musical.


Schroeder #36 (also Dotzauer #5) : needs a lot of intonation

  • Same comment about the A
  • Keep your hand in position

Kol Nidre

  • Play difficult high passages in the lower octaves first, then try to keep that sound in your head while you work out the high ones

Orchestral Pieces

  • Worked out fingering for mm 67-70 in John Henry
  • When deciding on which passages to practice, ask “where will the cellos be heard?”, and focus on those
  • Sometimes you can just move up and down the strings and just be at the top or bottom on time.