As my New Year’s gift to you,  I encoded Lewandowsky’s version, as ABC notation, which I am showing here, and also as a PDF file.  It is the baseline for the K-N that is commonly sung in Synagogue, with ornamentation added by the cantor as well.

I’m not quite done putting the words in, and you’ll notice that the number of notes per measure is arbitrary, as this is written in a free meter for one voice. I used EasyABC in Windows to do the work.

For those who like to see the answer first, here is the score as a PDF File: kolnidre2

This is still VERY rough. It’s meant to show what is possible, and I plan to edit this a bit further.  But if you know some abc notation, you can copy and paste and play with it rather than wait for me to be done.  I was a bit inconsistent with my use of note lengths; I have groups of four sixteenth notes encoded in different ways.  This is because I was exploring.  As I said, I’ll neaten it up.

Still to do: Some marks such as “ad. lib” and some cello fingerings, as well as finishing entering the lyrics.

Want to know more about abc?  Here are some Links:

T:Kol Nidre
C:Traditional, Notated by L. Lewandowsky(1821-1894)
E,6E,2|(E,2^D,4)(3.D,.D,D,|(^D,2B,,4) (3B,,B,,B,,|(B,,2^D,4)(3D,D,D,|
w:Kol nid-re_ ve-e-sa re_ va-cha-ra-mei_ ve-ko-na-mei_ ve-chi-nu-yei_ ve-chi-nu
w:mei_ ve-chi-nu-yei_ ve-ki-nu-sei__ u-she-vu-ot
(A,B,CB, A,DCB, A,2E,2 )(E,2 F,2)|[M:4/4]G,4zG,3/2G,/2|(G,2B,4) [L:1/16]A,G,F,G,|[L:1/8](A,2G,2)F,2z F,3/2F,/2|
w:din - - - - - - - - dar __ na. u- de ish_ta - - - va - na u-de
F,2A,4 (G,/2F,/2E,/2F,/2)|(G,2F,2) E,2 z E,|(E,2^D,4) D,2|[L:1/4]^D,B,,2B,,|(B,,^D,3)|
[L:1/8](D, (3D,)D,D, (3(D,E,F,){E,F,} (E, D,)z z (B,, (3B,,)B,,B,,|[L:1/4]D,C,B,,A,,G,,A,,B,,A,,!fermata!zG,,/4B,,/4(D,2E,F,|G,2)|(E,2F,2)|G,3z|G,2(F,E,)|D,2B,,G,,|(B,,2B,,)z|
(E,2F,2)|[L:1/8](G,6(3E,F,G, (3A,G,F, (3G,E,G, B, [L:1/16]A,G,F,G, [L:1/4]A,G,F,)zB,,/2|(G,(3F,/2E,/2D,/2){E,F,}(E,B,,)z/2B,,|
[L:1/8](E,3B,,) (E,2 D,^C,B,,2) z B,,|(E,3B,,) (E,2 D,^C,B,,2) z D,/2D,/2|(D,2(3D,)D,D, (D,2E,)E,{E,F,} (E,2B,,)|
B,,3 C, [L:1/16](D,C,B,,A,,)[L:1/8]G,,2zB,,|D,3 D, (E,F,)|G,6z2|E,4F,4G,4 ((3E,2 F,2 G,2|
(3A,G,F, (3G,E,G, B,2 [L:1/16]A,G,F,G,) [L:1/8]| (A,2G,2) F,2 z B,,|G, (3 (F,E,)D,{E,F,} (E,2B,,)z|
B,,3 C, [L:1/16](D,C,B,,A,,[L:1/8] G,,2B,,2)A,,4|G,,A,,/2B,,/2 (C,/2D,/2E,/2F,/2) (G,D, E,F,) G,3 z|
[L:1/16](G,F,A,G, B,A,CB, (D8 D2)CB, A,G,F,E,| [L:1/8]D,3) D, (E,2 F,2)|!fermata!G,8|

The PDF file is a little choppy, but once I install a proper ghostscript, this should be working a lot better: