I am continuing to get better, based on third-party feedback, which is good.  Here’s a quick update on the most recent lesson.

  • Beethoven Minuet in G (#5, Suzuki Book 3) :
    • Gentle but confident shifts. Specifically, don’t “slam” into the fourth position just because I have a physical cue.
    • Make the measure 1,5,7, and 13 dotted patterns more even.
    • Have more fun with the Trio section.  Getting those upbow staccato sections will take some time.  I can always add those to my scales, right?
  • Schroeder #25:  Think about the “wrench level” analogy for LH for playing in higher positions on the C and G strings.
  • 3 Octave D minor: Yay! New scale.  I ‘m pretty sure my A-minor is not a “pity pass”