I finally managed to get a cello lesson scheduled after an overlong , four-week hiatus that was a combination of issues at the music school and health issues with me.  Both seem to hvae been successfully resolved. Four weeks was a long time to be without a lesson.  I thought I was doing much better than I actually was.

Main issues were

  • Vibrato – using fingers only instead of arm motion.  I thought I was, but when I really focused on my arm momentum, I realized I wasn’t.  Bodies are weird that way; you think you’re keeping your eye on the ball,but if you strike out, you weren’t.
  • Tempo – in order to play the slow section at a tempo that isn’t unberably slow,  I need to get the fast section at  80 beats per minute,  but that means 3/4 second per beat and therefore 3/4 seconds to get 4 16th notes in making each note 3/64 ths of a second.
  • Intonation – shifting needs to happen as a unit.  If my thumb stays back, everything goes flat.  Still wondering if I should have a tactile clue on the back of the cello’s neck for finding first position.  Then, my mind would release the thumb from having that duty for the time being.

12/1 will be my 9th anniversary of starting the cello, so I would like to go into that date with some momentum.