So, it went just OK in recital – because I was too nervous at the beginning, but got relaxed and connected with audience towards the middle and end.  It helped me forget myself a little, and I calmed down.  All sorts of thoughts went through me very quickly, but I figured since I’m not playing my best, might as well try to connect instead of being self centered. These people want me to do well, and not feel sorry for me, and if I give them a few good notes they’ll get what they came for.  And that helped.  So, no video, but I may make a YouTube with my instructor next month.  Each time I play it I have more fun with it, and I’ll do this again in recital in November.

And keep in mind this was only my second recital.   I’m really glad this school is pushing performance because I need as much performance opportunity as I can get.  I didn’t have to choose a piece at the edge of my musical abilities.   I realized after I got home I could have knocked out a Suzuki piece and stayed closer to my comfort level.  So, from now on, for the sake of performance, I need to know a piece cold three months before, as opposed to “working on it” three months before.  But I made very good progress. and feel more confident with all my pieces.  In addition, I’m feeling better in that  6th position G-A-Bb area that I also need to know well for Kol Nidre.   Some descending C minor scales might be good for this as well.

As for K-N, I started playing it for the first time in a while; just the first three lines.

Also, the school director, and also my conductor, pointed out that if I’m feeling nervous, I can channel my left hand nervousness into vibrato, up to a point.