I recorded myself on the first two lines, and it was just weak.  It just didn’t express anything.  It was gross. I spent the entire practice  of about 50 minutes getting the first three notes sounding somewhat tolerable, both in terms of dynamics and tone.   There’s so much to do, and a job change in the mix.    I’ll be in two different cities in the next two weeks, and the recital is on 8/12.

I also learned a couple of things about self recording.  For me, it’s actually easier to just let the recorder run for an hour and divide the track into sections with vocal introductions rather than constantly stopping and re-recording for each take. Besides, there’s audio editing software if I need to cut someting into tracks.  The other thing I learned is that my singing voice isn’t horrible.

While singing, I learned that I wanted the first two notes to have a slight decay, and the third to have a bit of a sustain.  Whether that is right or wrong, the important thing was working to get the bow to match how I was hearing it in my head.  At least now, it’s something.

It takes guts to do this, but that’s why this is hard.  And I am willing to do it.   And it’s non-linear.   The next 60 measures won’t take 30 times as long as the first two.   And while I’m at it, I need to develop a consistent vibrato.