I’m revisiting the first line to make sure all of the Cs, Gs, Ds, and As are ringing, especially on the 1-1 shift from G to A.  Just going back and doing target practice over and over.   It sounds like a different piece now.  My accuracy is not good so far – about the same as a Lebron James Free Throw, hence the break to write this post, but I know what I should be listening for.  Sometimes on the final note of a phrase, I can squeak to the right note by using vibrato if I’m already close.  Granted all movements should be made with conviction and not fishing for pitches, but if I’m already very close, I can get the notes to ring.

Another question I have is that if I play A and C well, should the following F ring as well? What does it mean for the entire chord to ring?  I’ve never experienced this. I’d like to.