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Focus today was on shifting 1 back from second position.  Apparently, I have been compromising my hand when I do this, and instead, need to move only the finger back.  This causes me some discomfort on my thumb pad, but it’s better than what I have been doing, which ruins my intonation.  I also need to make sure I let ringing notes ring.  The C is especially wanting these days.

I also worked through the Schumann Op 102 mv 2 with the piano (thanks again, Aurora!).   It was a challenge listening for different cues, but no matter what happens, I have to play out.  I don’t have the option of retreating to turtle mode.  An added benefit: I am more likely to correct mistakes as I play if I play confidently than if I play timidly.

[UPDATE: Went back and read Nancy’s Post on shifting, and focused for thirty minutes on mm. 30-36 of the Schumann, which has a couple of tricky shifts that need to be smooth]

Also, worked on Mooney’s Tango, which is where the shift issue came from.