Chord Progression

Chords: G-C-Am-F#dim-D-Bm-G-Gm-D-F#dim-[??]-G

  • Don’t stay on an etude forever.
  • New Chord Exercises
  • Memorizing pieces is worth doing

The new teacher is also a Bloomsburg Preparatory School of Music teacher, as was my previous.  I tend to say very little specific about my teachers to respect their privacy.  I try to limit my comments to their approach to my teaching.

The new pieces and my progress on them:

New Etude: A chord progression exercise from a textbook hopefully my readers can recognize.  Spent several hours on this, and still having problems with my LH position.

New Schroeder Etude: #19, a/k/a Lee Op. 70, #21.   Worked some – identified trouble spots, still learning notes

I think the only current piece that I’m not changing is the Suzuki.  I didn’t work on that this week, but I think the chord tuning exercises will help there, since my main trouble spot is keeping the chords in tune.

Mooney – moved to the section on extended second position, Ballad.  Did not work on that this week except for a quick run-through.

Schumann: Worked the most on this, with a goal of memorizing by the end of May.  Once that is done, my plan is to read the score along with the piano part rather than the cello marked score.  Finally, no reading at all.  That should have me ready for the recital in August.  I will talk more about the memorization in the upcoming posts.

I used the Wolfram Alpha Chord interface on when I couldn’t recognize a chord.
(Example – link opens new tab). I must confess a great deal of mystery involving chords.

Does anybody recognize the excerpt above?

How do the ear and brain figure out what a chord is when it’s not in root position?