So, my teacher tells me in the nicest cello-teacher way he can that I’m not making enough progress on or working hard enough on my Schroeder Etude. Translation, “what the f___ are you doing all week.”

Some of this has to do with being ready to practice before I practice, and that means having my tuner and metronome nearby. I am never good at sticking with the Metronome.  After about 3 measures, I start losing the beat, then I start beating myself up.

It would also help if I logged more carefully how much time I spend on each piece.

The way I’ve been managing my time is to push ahead and focus on one thing all week, and on the other things, just stay constant.   But looking at the results,  I need to give all my pieces roughly equal attention without prioritizing them.  However, I am concerned about my time management because I have both my pieces and my orchestra pieces.

With both my pieces and my orchestra pieces to study, and this dictates about 2 hours a day with about one hour and fifteen minutes for lesson work and the remainder for orchestra.  Therefore, I need to put aside my goal of moving up to the next level of Orchestra.  I can live with that over a one-year horizon.I may not be able to make it, but if I keep records, I can at least look at the results in more detail and decide

I may not be able to achieve my goal, but if I keep records, I can at least look at the results in more detail and decide by how much.  Then work to see what I can accomplish with the time I have.

So, what are my goals?

  1. Schumann “5 Pieces in Folk Style, II, Langsam”, ready for the recital in August.
  2. Finish Suzuki book 2 by December
  3. Be ready for CelloSpeak Skill Builder workshop in late July