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Got some new pieces today.  Interesting that my own assessment of how I was doing was negative and my cello teacher’s was more positives.  We both noticed the same things, but he gave the problems less weight.

A-flat major scale (Klengel)

Positives: Playing the A-flat major scale more confidently and on tempo.  Continue using the metronome.  Using ear rather than hand and self-correcting.

Still work on: Descending shifts.

Mooney: Invisible Target (2d position exercise)

– just started.  No assessment. Not even sure why it’s called that.  I’ll guess I will ask.

Witches Dance (suzuki Book 2)

I need to find previous blog entries and re-tag them.  I’m still woodshedding this piece. working primarily with the metronome.

Lee Op. 70 No 20 (Schroeder #18)

“point” just means start near the point.  I need not have played the entire thing so close to the tip.  Focus on a light sound.   For LH, on measure 4, use separate strings (1 on I, 234 on II) and avoid too much hand-flapping.

Life in general:

Start a new job near Philly on the 27th.  Excited, but nervous.  Still working out living arrangements.  Will keep my current residence, but seek out semi-permanent arrangements in Philly’s suburbs.   Looking forward to perhaps catching some Curtis performances in the evenings when I can, even though my primary purpose down there will be work.