I started this blog with the goal of practicing every single day as a way to atone for starting later in life, and see how far it got me.    I am still further behind than I want, but I have different goals now that I have experienced ensemble playing.   My goal of playing competently by retirement seems reasonable.

Here’s today’s lesson:

Bach March in G: 

In some sections, particular m. 19, I am playing quarter notes as eighth notes.  I see the run of eighths coming up, and I get excited.  Metronome it out and play the same measure over and over.

Practical Tip: Consider hooking my metronome up to some speakers via an aux cord.  Then I have a better chance of hearing it over the cello.  I noticed when Nelson kept a really loud beat, I could stay with it.

Update: I tried this.  It worked pretty well, and for some reason having the metronome farther from me physically also gave me the patience to sit and get used to the beat.

A-flat major scale (2 octave):

Keep working at it with no peeking at the left hand, and a steady tempo.  Scale degrees are improving in general.   I’m still going to rely on one gliss to find C(I).  Try to get rid of that, but one thing at a time!

Schroeder #17:

It just sucks. Use the same tip regarding the metronome.   First, get the first beat on the first click, then refine to get the second beat.  Hopefully,  the third will solve itself. Try playing one or two measures over and over. Bow hand is working nicely, though.