Not much going on with lessons since I had a week of virtually no practice except for scales and my Schroeder.   Sometimes, I feel too guilty to practice, but that can be solved by putting my practice time  on my calendar like an appointment.  It currently is not done this way, so no wonder I’m getting the results I am.  Concert pieces are getting a run through once per day.  But now is the time to learn them cold.

Also, I’m going to have to get a black concert suit. Not what I wanted to do until I lost enough weight.  Going to be hard to set aside some time tomorrow to do this.

Moving from dietary to cello goals.  I’m coming up on eight years of cello playing, and I feel like I don’t have eight years to show for it.   I’m still in book 2, for example.  However, Sight Reading and general musicianship have improved considerably, as has my ensemble playing in the past year.  Nelson Berger, who is my teacher at Bloomsburg Preparatory Music School has helped me by stressing internal pulse and developing my ear as equal to technique.  Kelli Bertenshaw, who runs the ensembles gets credit too,but that will be another post where I can discuss in detail.

Anyway – the cello birthday is usually observed on Dec 1, which is the 8th anniversary of my first lesson with Dan Delaney. On to the goals, which are as follows:

  1. Complete Suzuki book two by mid-2017.
  2. Continue to build sight-reading by adding solfege and singing practice.  We discovered my vocal span is roughly from D2 to E3.
  3. Have the #2 ‘Langsam’ section of Schumann’s Five Pieces in Folk Style prepared for August 2017 recital.
  4. Have money saved to attend Cellospeak at Bryn Mawr this year.

As for today’s lesson, since not much progress could be made on the pieces, we worked on softening that bow hold and using the smoother bow on the etude.  The A major scale p from B on II to C on I is getting better.