Lee Op 70 No 11:
Watch intonation on D4 (D4=D above middle C) .  Tune to open D periodically to check intonation. In this entire piece, there is no reasaon to ever move the LH out of first position.  Therefore, if I can keep the LH steady  without extraneous movement, I should stay in tune.

Therefore, tonight instead of looking at the music, I practiced watching my LH in the mirror to try to give feedback to the LH.


Try tricky m. 4 several times.  If I get to the tip, I  will likely not try to cheat the rhythm when you I find myself in a spot.  Use a fast bow to cover the entire bow in the first quarter note, but not louder.

General Left Hand

Can be 1 and 2 can be closer together than you think – same with 3 and 4.  The LH fingers are not supposed to be uniformly spaced.