Hello, fellow readers.

If you’re still there, bear with me.  I received a cheerful nudge this past weekend to start blogging my progress again, and for the most part, I think the real challenge is to pick a predictable routine for writing and stick to it.  This on top of practicing.

I started this blog to encourage myself to practice every day without excuses, and like everything else, that lapsed.  But it’s never too late to turn it around.  My goal is to post twice a week for until the end of the year, and then re-evaluate.

My plans for this blog are still to note things I’ve learned at lessons as well as at performance, and perhaps actually honor the piecrust promise I’ve made several times here to post some audio tracks.

Current Scale: A-flat major, 2 octave
Pieces I am working on

Book Piece Since Description
Mooney – Position Pieces Lament 9/24 D Minor key piece focusing on 2d position
Schroeder Etude #17 a/k/a Lee
Op. 70 No 11
9/10 Legato whole bow exercise in 3/4 time
Suzuki 2 Bach, March in G 5 B.C.E.

I hope you will comment on the pieces and your experiences with the ones we have in common.