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August 7: 

Today is my first day back after a week off. I had started a new job that required some travel, and chose not to take my cello with my that first week.

Current priority in practicing is getting a pulse going and reducing rhythmic irregularities.  I need to start giving that job to my right arm instead of simply trying to do it all in my head (and then pass it to my right arm).   In other words, I need to let my right arm BE the metronome.

For my scale today, which was 2 octave A major, my focus was on the first octave, trying to keep my place with my 1 so that I don’t lose my bearing by lifting my LH too far away.

I reviewed my Schroeder 16 with metronome at 50, and the March in G with metronome at 42.  This sort of metronome work  I can actually do off the cello if I decide not travel with it next week.  Most hotel chairs have wheels, which is not what I want, so I may need to get a cello chair.

Last week we also picked up the Suite #1 prelude again, but now using the 3-slurred 5 separate bowing pattern. (Don’t hate me, Dan)  Some things felt easier, but it’s now going to take some work getting it sounding smooth.