Pinching the bow too much.  Went through my pieces as light-handed as I could get away with.  Also , practicing my learning-orchestra pieces, especially those parts where the cello section plays solo.  Schroeder #16 is starting to sound alive, so I’ll be interested to see what area of this piece my teacher wants to explore next.

Also, I am setting a goal to perform the Beethoven Minuet #2 from Suzuki book 3 next fall.  So, I’d like to be woodshedding the trio section for a while.

I listened to the original piano piece today.  Took me a bit of work to track down, so here is the Youtube link to the SheetMusicPlus version.  I will confess that this is the first I found, not necessarily endorsed as the best.

Lesson tomorrow; we’ll see how it pays off!