I could not help notice the following on a very addictive game I play, and have asked myself some very hard questions about why more of hose hours are not being assigned to the cello.  I’m not suggesting that 100% percent of my spare time be cello related.  That would make it hard for me to have conversations or common experiences with most other people.  But still, that’s a lot of time I will never get back.


I could blame the accident, but that took only three months out of my life, 90 days at 3 hours practice a day equals only about a tenth of the above.   Anyway, this is not intended to be a fair comparison, but just to provoke questions; am I making good use of my time?

That being said, I’ve been putting in some serious practice hours in April, and I’m again happy with my progress.  But I’m going to make myself accountable for practicing every day.  (For days I cannot take the cello with me, I’ll find some way to practice while off the cello).

As you may know, I am retracing quite a bit of ground that I covered in year 3. There is indeed a fair amount to remediate, including a flying pinky,  a consistent left hand position, and a tendency to squish my fingers, creating problems with intonation.  I do think it’s worth the time to focus on tempo and general musicianship.  It has helped me feel more confident.  (Thanks, Nelson).  So, today’s practice was

  • D major 2 octave scales
  • Some left hand “jumping jack” and string crossing exercises to promote a steady C position (within reason)
  • Schroeder exercise #16, but no metronome.  Focus on some tricky measures getting my LH comfortable.  Still a lot of wood-shedding to be done here.
  • Beethoven Minuet #2 in G, trio section
  • Hunter’s Chorus – focus on not resting on notes I shouldn’t be accessing.