A period of backsliding can occur

Graph of etude progress over time

My teacher and I were discussing this, after I realized I was making steady negative progress on an etude that I was on the verge of owning three weeks ago.  Is there such a thing as too much time on an etude?  Certainly, there is always more to be obtained with more diligent attention and study,and equally certainly, I have not mastered it.  When is the right time to move on? We agreed that the best course of action for Schroeder #12 is to move on, since I was messing up my bow angle and a number of things that I had really started getting a command of.  On the other hand, I have been on this etude since May.

The verdict was to come back to it. In retrospect, an ever better solution is to move on but include it in practice once every few days, but not every day, just to make sure I don’t forget.

We’re starting two new pieces – Schroeder #14, and Suzuki #2, “Minuet #1” Fun times. Anyway, in the Bach, the first idea he had was to get the shifts down by isolating the notes before and after and really hearing the intervals (ignore the open string note during shifting).

What do you think?  When is the right time to move on?   What factors influence your deicsion?