Picture of my hand

I was reaching into my basket to get some scissors when my LH 3 chanced upon my five blade razor, facing up. It took about an hour to stop the bleeding, and after that it’s been too tender to play with, although I’m going to try again with the band-aid on it.

Why do I encounter such mishaps.  ADHD plays a role, sure.  But, would a real cellist take such a risk with his or her hands?  On the bright side, there is time to type this blog, and I’ll be doing some stuff with open strings this week, and maybe a few position pieces where I can possibly work around not having to use 3.   It might even force me to be creative about devising alternate fingerings.  I’d never really put thought into how fingerings worked.before, just assuming that so long as the fingerings I was given worked, I’d just use them.

Did you ever have an injury situation to work around?  How did you approach it?  And for those of you who make open strings practice part of routine, what do you typically work on?

[update; teacher suggested extended position exercises.  Good thinking!]

Anyway, I expect all will be playable by mid to end of week.  Just a bit discouraged though.

PSA – be careful with those hands, people.