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Basically, got the “get out of my own head’ lecture – left hand is in good shape for my etudes – just need to relax and use slighter wrist motions.  Just enjoy the right arm and focus on what it’s doing.

Stop doing entire playthroughs – play the scale transitions with the measure after, then stop.  Jump to the next set and its next measure, then stop.

Start thinking about phrasing, so things aren’t boring.  Still, I’m amazed at how much juice we squeezed out of #12.

For #13, phrase to emphasize the top and bottom of each run, and solfege them.  Make sure to de-emphasize slightly the notes leading up.

May Time

Make sure the notes marked for three beats actually get them.  I also need to make it more dance like and less lurching.  He asked me to walk around the room to the beat of the music, which certainly made me think of the music in a different bodily way.   It was hard!