Has it really been 5 weeks?  The summer is just flying by.  One highlight of July is that I recently got to visit  Andy Fein in St. Paul, who let me play his top of the line cello. Just to have a chance to experience what the next level might sound like was quite motivating.  I lack the words to describe the buttery sound that cello made, and I’m sure I didn’t come close to getting all I could out of it.    I had bought a bow from Andy some time ago, which I am still using, and really enjoyed meeting him in person.

Anyway, this is beginning to sound like a free ad, so I’ll shut up, but I am grateful to him for showing me his studio and trusting me with his instruments.


Returning to PA :

Lately, I’ve been working on the following pieces

  • Schroeder, etudes #12 ( Lee op 70 No 4) #13 (Lee Op 70, #5).
  • Mozart, May Time – working my way back through Book 2
  • Scales – Susan Brown scale book. C major and A Melodic minor.   The latter was more ‘shifty’ than I remembered it pre-accident.

I’m amazed at how much mileage my teacher helps me squeeze out of each etude – even when I think I’m done with it, I see there is far more.   Lately, the name of the game has been metronome. When I can keep tempo, I notch it up and try again.  When I fail, I drop it down two.   My range on #12 is supposed to be 69-84, and now I can handle 76.  one thing we’re doing is marking the beginning of every beat of the music in tricky passages (tricky sometimes means ‘easy’ – where I stop paying attention because the section is very scale-y).   This helps me know, in the absence of a teacher, if I’m hitting the beat on each click.