Being in tune within second position is giving me fits. Mostly because my pinky goes awol and then I can’t get 4 right.  I could just sit and focus on this all week and not do anything else.  I played my Whales song with a tuner today, and I start off well, but even without shifting again, I am drifting out of tune.  This  is the number one most immediate problem to solve.   The first problem is, when do I start seeing problems.  And then zoom in on it.

So, Today I put the bow down and just worked my left hand.  I also listened to C and G octaves over and over.  I’m going away for the weekend to have a break from this circus I call my life, and we’ll see what we sound like when I return.

But Nancy is right. I have the right to complain my ass off because I know I’m never going to quit, and what sounds like complaining on the surface is really just an attempt to identify so that focus on development areas.   I have always taken the long view; that I am studying cello so that I can always have something to do in retirement (as well as today) and somebody with whom to socialize around music.