Still working on my 2d position shifts, which I need, but feeling frustrated by the elementary pieces.  I cannot deny that focusing on easier pieces so that I can work on my rhythm has made me a more confident player.  But I still think I should be tackling harder material, so I pulled out my “easier” kummers and ‘harder” scales and got back to work.

The new glasses are AWESOME.  This is the first time I can ever remember seeing my notes from 18″ away without any eyestrain whatsoever.  De-LIGHT-ed.  Yes, pun intended.

I also rented a newer cello, an Eastman 200, to use to see how I feel about it. I do like some aspects of it, although I still think if I buy a new cello it will need to be a grade higher – like a 305 or equivalent.   Stempie sounds great, and I need to make a photo, but outside of minor adjustments, any money put into it will not be worth it.  That same money could be applied towards a new cello.

Still, don’t want to stop playing Stempie, because the sound is great, but for now it’s good to have two for comparison.  And in that regard, the Kummers make much better test pieces, and they seem more satisfying to play when testing out new instruments.

Still considering putting my electric NS-4 string on the market.  Not using it as much as I thought.