I wish I were ready. Part of my reason for taking up cello playing in middle age was to enjoy it in retirement (as well as the present).

 Of course, we’ve all heard some version of the proverb “Man proposes, God disposes”, but I prefer Eisenhower’s dictum: “Plans are useless, but planning is essential”

I’d love to hear your stories and plans for retirement, if actively playing your instrument a factor.

  • Roughly, where do you see yourself retiring?
  • How much cello playing are you planning to do in retirement, assuming health permits?
  • To what extent does music figure into your retirement plans, including going to concerts and/or playing in ensembles?
  • Will this figure heavily in your plans, or is it more of a “cards fall where they may” type of thing regarding music?

I’m not nosing after anybody’s specific plans, but would love to hear your more generic ones.  [Of course, if you all wanted to purchase a cello playing commune, I wouldn’t protest.  Might even invite some violists for variety.]   For instance, my own wife prefers to live near the coast, preferably in the South.  If we’re near the sea, that’s not a particularly friendly environment,physically speaking.  If we’re too far from a city, that may be a culturally isolating place to be.

I might need do save up for a carbon Fiber cello.  And in the event of a flood, I can use it as a flotation device!

It occurred to me that part of my second act could actually include teaching at some level.   Of course, there’s a lot to think out there, but not completely out of the realm of possibility. Ideally, I’d like to play in a community orchestra or even a smaller ensemble if one is available.  So, if that’s my choice, a 55+ community would be a better choice than a windswept cabin on the Outer Banks.