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Key points from most recent lesson (and also orchestra).  Teacher said we were very productive, which of course, made me feel good.

1. Focus on right and and notice elevations – I am to do the seven string exercise where I am gradually going from C to A and back, with double stops in between, noting the elevation of my elbow.

2. Work on not locking thumb in the bow hold – this has been bothering me all week.

3. With the Left hand, make sure you maintain hand shape as you reach for C strings.   Think of the soda can.

4. New Etude- Schroeder #12 (a/k/a Lee Op. 70 #4). Smooth string changes, keeping right arm at correct elevation.  But i also want to avoid looking like a chicken.  I don’t want to give up my finger driven bow changes where appropriate.

Reminder that improvements to technique are worked in gradually.  Don’t beat myself up for, say, getting through an orchestra piece with my existing technique. But do notice, and try to incorporate.

On left hand, the theme is still making confident and accurate shifts between first and second position. Moving forward in the Mooney book to page 5.

Enjoying my New Strings orchestra still.  The music is not a huge challenge, so I can focus on listening and on some of the practicalities that come with playing as a group.

Also, “new” piece.  Start again in book 2 with the Long, Long, Ago and variation.