I think I’m going to bring my music to my optometrist for the reading power tests.  I can just see it now, “so tell me when you see only one note.  Tell me when you can determine whether it’s on a line or space”.  That said, I think I have the right power on my current readers.  I hope my prescription won’t change too much.

On the subject of wearing body parts, I’m also eager to get some good news on my hip so that I can keep playing.

Still working through my orchestra pieces, trying to make sure my bowing matches the markings, and my C major etudes. All of this is rather simple, but I’m working this hard.

I’m not playing as many pieces on the edge of my technique any more (my etudes aren’t really pushing me right now) so I’m reviewing some of my Dotzauers as well as all of my old pieces, but especially the Kol Nidre.

Stempie Update: Looks like next week will be the appointment; sent pictures to the new luthier.  I’ll be curious to hear what he has to say.

Oddities: In 3 years, nobody in meatspace has commented on my license plate.  Well, in PA at least, BWV 1007 is free for another cellist now.  I did not re-register it when I bought the replacement car.

QotD: Did any of you play in any Easter related or spring related concerts lately?

and Finally: If you’d like me to link to something of yours, and I haven’t already, please let me know.  Sometimes I get around to things,and sometimes I need to be nudged a little.