I’m spending a fair bit of time thinking of the big five-oh.  I thought arthritis in my hands  would be my biggest challenges, but it turns out it is my eyesight.  This weekend Had the worst lesson of all time because I could not read the music at all because I had left my reading glasses at home.  I couldn’t tell the difference between D,E,a nd F easily, nor was it easy to to see the difference between low F and low G. That’s how blurry things got! Reading glasses: my best stand partners They are no longer optional!   Having a bright stand light also really helps.

It also helps to have as light a cello as I can get away with that still sounds good, and I’m starting to think it would make a good investment to get a carbon fiber case.  The combination would save me about 5-6 lbs of weight, which would be huge when I have to carry my cello up the stairs, as well as later in life.

Having Father Time lurk around the corner is also a blessing, since I realize I must make the best use of my practice and lesson time.  My feelings aren’t easily hurt because I need the most useful feedback as quickly as I can make use of it.

I still think that taking up the cello was one of the smartest moves I have made, both for the enrichment in terms of musical development and in terms of interesting people.