1. Bail, so you don’t ingrain a bad habit
  2. Focus on what went right
  3. Blame the weather and low humidity
  4. Blame the cello, and take it in to the luthier
  5. Blame self, for practicing while tired
  6. Play something easy that does not hit on your sore points (really, a form of #1)
  7. Write it all down, so you can look back on it and laugh,but also to see if there is an adjustment that may not be obvious.

Sore points:

1. Not getting good contact with G string on C or D string on E – especially on the long note

2. No plan for where the bow should be.

3. Tense bow hand

4. New pieces sound like note soup.  Part of the issue is not wanting to play them.

What went right

Second position target practice is going better – today harmonic G/4 on II/2 on II – they should all sound the same.  Really need to start recording myself, although today was not the night to start that.