I need to get organized.  For various reasons, this is a psychological block for me, but that’s a subject for another day.  In a nutshell, I viewed organization as the antonym of inspiration.  I’ll get over this by focusing on benefits.

The benefit is that I will know how I really spend my time.  Although I have never been able to implement David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” system completely, I do agree with him that getting things out of my head and onto paper can only help, especially as I get older!   So, if I go in and my etudes are weak (or strong!), I’ll know how much time was put in, and will adjust.  It also helps me know what I got for my practice time.  I also am doing this more at work as well.

I’ve enclosed a practice log, which I am going to keep from now on, so there is no more “but it worked well at home” kind of lessons.

JPG image of my practice log format

JPG image of my practice log format

Below the log, I keep notes about what actually happened, but I think it would be easier to summarize those at the end of the practice week.  My lessons are on Saturday afternoons.  My first lesson, I forgot where I put my car, so I was wandering the back alley parking lots wondering which snowy lot had my car.  Another argument for patience and organization.

None of this is groundbreaking to anybody.  What was new to me is assessing what I’ve accomplished in the last five years, and what I want to accomplish in the next. If I act as a dilettante, I’ll get nowhere.   The challenging part is consistency and execution.  I’ve tried hundreds of organizational schemes that did well the first three weeks and petered out somehow.

So, how do you organize your practice time?  What has worked year-in and year-out?