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We’re reviewing some basics, including confident shifting.   I was reminded to lead with my thumb and not with the other fingers.

Much of my plan will be a step back in time for me, but the difference is that there will be performance opportunities, and the emphasis will be in playing with others.   I’m a little embarrassed to tell you what I’m working on, since you might think this is too basic, but going back and relearning will be good for me, particularly with a goal of freeing my right arm, and playing relaxed without scrunching my face.

But it’s Schroeder #9, and a few duets from AppleBaum’s duets for 2 stringed instruments.  I was given a new scale pattern to learn and to work it on C major for now.

One issue about taking up the cello late in life is reading the scores.  I need good reading glasses and a bright stand light to avoid blurriness.  And to keep from losing all those pieces I had been studying, I will apply the basics I’m relearning to my Kol Nidre and to other favorites.  I don’t want to put my Bach aside during this period.