I’m starting lessons again, and we’re going to need to backtrack to earlier material to get my right arm moving fluidly.  I’m grateful for finding a teacher in this area of the state, and there’s even a music school with some opportunities to do recitals.  I think the pressure to perform might focus my practice, as well as prepare me for the CelloSpeak workshops this summer.

I must confess that during my trial lesson,I was guilty of all the classic cello sins. First, I didn’t really practice, even though I thought I had been.  I said the dreaded “but it worked better at home”, which means I was in denial on how I sounded.

But, lessons!  I’m not going to post any information about teachers or colleagues until I build some trust and get their permission, even pseudonymously – if that’s a word.

And I’m starting tonight to re-tag my blog because I want to reference my trials with my pieces.  And the usual promise to post some sound files is in force as usual.

I hope people who were following my blog in the past will start reading again.