I’m pledging to practice 30 straight days to get back in the habit.   I’m also pledging to have a clear, but modest, goal for every practice.  Today’s practice was the minor section (of the #2 Pieces in Folk Style, op. 102) and getting the shift from G to Eb on II sounding right.  Then I walked through the rest of the section with just the LH.  I’m so glad to have Stempie back.  It feels like singing and less like work now.  I’m amazed what a difference a few repairs make.  There’s so much to explore now. It’s not nearly as much work to make music now.  My next goal is by the end of the week to make a video of the first half.

Outside of the cello, I have been taking the Beethoven Piano Sonata coursera, and enjoying learning about the structure of music and a little bit more about how Beethoven stretched the idea of sonata almost to a point where the word lost specific structural meaning.  My next step is to listen to the Sonatas for Piano and Cello and see how they intertwine with his development of the sonatas for Piano Solo.

Sonatas Op 5 Sonatas #1 and #2 for example, come right before his publication of the Piano Sonata #4, for instance.  A complete listing of Beethoven’s work in Chronological order can be found at Wikipedia.  Maybe it’s just trivia, but I find it fun to peruse the lists and see which pieces are nearly contemporaneous with others in different genres.

Oh, and starting a new job and dealing with moving the family very inharmoniously are major themes in my own life right now.  Which is why I’m glad I can once again feel good about playing.