I have been playing with my new NS cello for about a month now.  I like that it’s durable and I don’t have to worry about it excessively.  I’m still learning the ins and outs of how to set up gain and volume, so I don’t want to make any definitive statements about quality until I remove myself as a confounding factor.

There are a few things that make it easier to play and one thing that makes it harder.  There are markings on the neck so I can see where the notes are.  Since I was told to learn by ear and not use marking tape, this is like a video game cheat for me.  There is also no reason to use thumb position since the cello does not have a belly.  Nonetheless, I am still going to practice it anyway because I will be returning to my Stempie as soon as he returns.  The one hard part is that the tripod mount gives me no body contact with the instrument.  When I play some passages, particularly in the Prelude to Suite 1, the tripod tips over towards me.  Likely this is my fault and not the cello’s, but before I compensate for it, I want to see if I have a parallel problem on the wooden cello.  If I do, then I need to make sure whatever new habit I use also works on Stempie.   In summary, my concern is that the electric cello is a different instrument, and I’m concerned about picking up non-transferable habits.

 There is a traditional endpin mount with a body contact bar that makes it feel more like a traditional cello.  I may wind up getting that. 

All and all, it’s fun, durable, and although not a substitute for a wooden cello, it is affordable and easy to maintain.