Put in an order for the electric today – the lower end of Yamaha’s electric line but at least I’ll have a practice instrument I can travel with.   I considered Nussbaum’s prackticello but I was concerned about my ability to take it down and reassemble it reliably.  Also, I like the idea of plugging it into headphones and playing silently.

At the lesson, talked about the Schumann Pieces in Folk Style #2 – first two lines and how it was important to see how the shift to pp requires that I stay on the D string and not move to a brighter string.  Interesting to see how dynamics affects these choices.

In left hand, realized that my Vibrato motion on 1 needed help.  I thought I needed help with 4, but that wasn’t all.   My vibrato was too rotational on my wrist.  Glad we caught that.  As we are both going through changes – I with a new job with more travel and he with a new addition to the family (that isn’t a new cello), we’re trying to find ways to keep the teacher relationship moving forward in some way or another.