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I’m a big believer in New Year’s resolutions.  Regardless of how many times I fail, I know I’ll be back next December 31 with new ones.  Willingness to evolve, even in the face if repeated setbacks, is very important to me.  I tend to structure my new year’s resolutions so that I get partial credit.  They are my resolutions, after all.

Cello Related

Post four recordings of my current progress in 2014.

Practice 300 hours at a minimum during 2014.  This is more ambitious than it sounds if I have an ambitious travel schedule.

Re-set long term goals by January 15

Focus on skills that will help me play with others.

Non-Cello Related

Focus on really getting to know what makes my kids tick.  Know when to withhold judgment, and when to let them know they could be wandering off course.