As I go into the fifth year of this blog, I once again need to re-think whether I want to continue the blog or not.  Amidst a move and a new job, I’m happy to just find time to practice.  My cello teacher also had some changes in his life, and that has made me wonder if I should consider making this our point of departure.   These points are in open discussion between him and me.  However, since I won’t be physically moving for a few months, this isn’t the time to announce anything drastic.

My thought is that my everyday musings at this stage are of little interest, but if I’m going to do this blog, even on a reduced frequency, I need to let people know what that frequency will be.   There are still some big ideas in the future that are worth blogging about, including a visit to CelloSpeak (although I’m not sure if this will be in 2014 or 2015), whether to try to study online with an instructor while I try to find a new instructor in the Bloomsburg area.

I also have a feeling that my bow articulations are very crude, and I’m not really paying enough attention to my RH.