I’ve been given a new piece – the second of the Schumann ‘Pieces in the Folk Style’  – Langsam (=literalliy: slow, but in a contemplative way.  I’d almost translate this as ‘lingering’)  Here’s a link to an interesting essay by W.D. Seiffert, pointing out the context of these pieces in relation to his cello concerto and relationship to the cello later in life.

Here’s an quote from this page.  Apparently, I need to get to work on some story-telling!

Geringas sees the key to these pieces in the title. In his opinion the musician must invent a story to match the piece and “tell” it through the music, like folklore. 

The theme is tricky for me to read.  I’ll try to come up with a few stories and start working on that opening theme.  For me, it brigs up feelings of autumn, though, and impending but not imminent goodbyes.