Mostly, I’m afraid to be judged.  I’ve been doing this for about five years now, although with some breaks and life getting in the way, it would be more accurate to say that I have really been playing only for four years of progress.  If you saw the videos, you might say less.

We went back to the Bach (Prelude, Suite #1) to talk about hand frames in the first five measures.   Last week, we worked through my difficulties with the third measure of the F# and C.   My left hand wasn’t strong and the bow kept crashing because my underconfidence transmitted to the right hand as well.  At the most recent lesson, we moved to the next measure, and worked through  the hand frame for B and G.  The trick was to keep the thumb out of the picture.   This was confusing because in the previous lesson to that, we looked at ways to use the thumb to strengthen and relax the hand in first position.  Now no thumb.  But it works.  Once a problem is solved though, it’s necessary to play through in context so that the body can prepare for the change in posture.

Last night’s practice log: Dotzauer, #3.  Review of first four lines, applying these lessons to the extensions needed to play measures with lots of F# and C#, then get back to first position.