Today was my first lesson since 8/19, and we had a lot to recover.  Sitting at a different angle, Dan could easily see aspects of my LH technique that were less obvious.  So, today was focused on the left hand for the prelude.  I’m squeezing too much and flattening my thumb.  We discussed doing whatever we can to strengthen the finger playing the note.

  • supporting my fingers by doing things other than squeezing.  Consider elbow and hand=shape as a way of delivering 3 in particular.
  • When 4 curls up, there is tension.  Try to fix it.  
  • Creep the desired hand shape forward using the fingers  to deliver 3 to play F# in the third bar. Bring the elbow back a bit more.
  • have your thumb in the median playing position supporting the finger you are on or near.