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I’m sitting down working through the Prelude and my 13 year old son tells me that I need to make it flow – that practicing each figure thoroughly isn’t helping.  So, I say to myself – go for it what will happen if I keep playing and don’t stop?   I don’t really like being shown up by an 13 year old (especially one who hasn’t been practicing his own instrument lately) but he was right.  So, I played through knowing I’d eventually crash by the third measure, but I didn’t – I made a mistake but I didn’t crash my bow.  It felt nice and gave me a huge boost of confidence.  It also starts helping me put the music together in my head a bit better.

I had always been afraid to make things flow, because flow is somehow ‘disorganized’, whereas lining things up is ‘organized’.   But that little glimpse of trying to move through a larger section of music uplifted me. I’ll keep you posted on the rest.