1. Where did my HTML editor go in WordPress? 
I have since found it

2. Why am I learning the Prelude to the first Suite when I can’t even play the Gossec Gavotte through musically?

3.  Partially in response to the previous question, I think that the next few months need to have more scrutiny, meaning more videos and more recording.  The one barrier to that is that I have to have my cell phone charged before each practice.  That phone is becoming an impressive practice tool.   It’s my sound recorder, metronome, and tuner.   To make it a video recorder, I need to at least stabilize it on a tripod.  I’ll probably get a camera for that.

4.  I’m still working on the 3d group in the prelude – the one that goes G-F#-C-B-C-F#-C-F#.   I know I can play this fingering because it’s the same fingering as on the Minuet (also first suite – it’s the only one I’ve studied so far)  second line. But I really am looking for a good left hand position.

5. Been reading Benjamin Whitcomb’s Advancing Cellists Handbook lately on my Kindle.  He asks good probing questions that keep me motivated.  I’ll have more to say as I get further into the book. I highly recommend what I’ve seen so far.  It has been helping me focus what my brain is doing while I’m practicing.  Still, sometimes I push through a section because my ego demands it and I’m not giving it my full concentration.

6. On Kummer #66, I had learned the first three lines, but could not reproduce them during a lesson.  I believe the cause was that I was not reinforcing my successes at the point where I made them,  and therefore not remembering them – while at the same time learning too many mistakes. So, today I worked on getting the bow distribution right for the first two bars.

7. Vacation is coming up, but I anticipate a lot of work before then.

8. A number of people had left thoughtful comments, to which I failed to reply. A better view of comments over time, displayed on a single page should remedy this. Thank you all for your helpful comments; If you write more, I’ll reply back!