I Wrapping up the Sarabande, although there’s still so much to do there.  Of course, you never get “Done” with Bach, but by the same token, I can’t cover the same piece forever.   I can finally play that horrendous double stop on the last line of the piece.  When I expressed my distress over this last week, Dan told me to keep at it.  When you’re discouraged is when you need to practice most, but realize that what you do at a practice session will likely manifest a few days later.  The moral there is not even to judge whether you’ve solved your problem at a specific session.  And it did!  It’s a practice miracle.

I started two new pieces.  The Prelude to the first Suite, and a new Kummer with more black ink than Warren Buffet.   For the Prelude, we’re going to start with eight notes per bow, since at my level it’s easier to make the piece sound good.  I’ll keep you updated as development progresses.