The past two weeks have shown me all the pitfalls of what can happen over the winter.  STtrings popping, pegs slipping, followed by strings breaking.  So, decided to treat the cello to some additional work while the string was installed.  The luthier recommended the bridge be raised a little, but said that I can probably play without out, but if I find myself really digging in on the G string, I might want to reconsider.

When I shared that the G was slow to speak in general, we decided to give the raised bridge  a try.

When the cello is done, he will be treated to an improved environment, with a good humidifier, dampits, and both with distilled water.

I did learn something interesting though.  When the A string breaks, the other strings do not need to be de-tensioned.  However, if the other strings break, it is necessary to de-tension the A. 

Since i’m going to be focused on getting prepared for the Bar MItzvah this weekend, I figured this was a good week to extend the winter work.