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Still stuck here.  We worked on some hand frame issues today so that I can get my  hand into shape and just shift, as contrasted with reaching too hard with my fingers.  This concerns the second half when I need to play that tri-tone A-D# with 2 on A and 1 on D#.   We also worked on the “killer” double stop, again finding ways to break it down.  It was coming along through practice, but we discussed how to practice it more effectively – moving the bow first, starting at the frog with D/B only, then adding the C, then once that gets smooth, the A to the slur and finally the B again.

We also “finished” Kummer #75, focusing on how to not be in tune relative to myself, but also to the harmony with the second cello.  I need to start looking for interesting patterns when the various parts combine.  

New Piece : Kummer #91