Aah, my instrument sounds so much better without that buzz.  The mellow warmth is back.  At first, it took a while to get used to the sound.  AS for the seams opening, the luthier said it’s just part of life with a large instrument and there’s nothing I did that would make me responsible.  But I now have the humidity factory going full tilt up here.

I had a four day break while I was in Bermuda celebrating my Dad’s 70th.  This explains why I broke from my weekly schedule.   I’ve got my pieces in passable shape, but the Bach Sarabande from suite #1 is still a mess.  Parts are getting better as I’m getting used to what it should sound like, but that last double stop (D+[BCAB]) is coming along the slowest.  Today I had trouble practicing because I didn’t know where I should focus my efforts.   I remember now that it should be five minutes of focused attention, and if I can’t solve it, move on.