“Do as little work as possible”

These are the best thing a person with little sleep could hear on a Monday morning.  Working through the trickiest chords without hurting my right elbow.   We’ve actually done this before.  The goal is to start with my bowing hand totally dumb, but with the fingers “stuck” in their places on their bow.    Then, move the bow doing very little right hand work.  This is “1%”.   Then go to as much hand work as possible.  This is “50%” (100% means you’re crushing the string and not playing at all).   Move between the two endpoints until I get a feel for what “2%” work stands for.   Do the minimum work required to get a string speaking.  Once this is felt, do some scales – just one octave.  Then, and only then increment the workload on the hand trying to make the desired chords with as little effort as possible.

It pays to be a slacker!