As I was pondering how to make the blog better in year five, apart from the usual promises of more recordings that are becoming as traditional and as forgotten as New Year’s resolutions for the calendar year, I came across another cello blogger on twitter whose adult-beginner blog blew me away in terms of its attention to detail, and overall quality.

The link is to the left on the blogroll, but it’s worth repeating.  It’s well worth your time to visit

Sometimes, the best inspiration comes from seeing new people (although this is new to me, but she’s been doing blogging for about 20 months).  As an example of her thoroughness, she shows practice plans, her preliminary research, practice plans, as well as a goal sheet.  This is all done even before the first note is played!  She numbers her lessons sequentially, which is  a great idea.  It’s a bit late for me to do that but it is a good guide to progress.

If you’re just considering this venture of playing cello as a beginner,  I highly recommend reading her blog from the beginning.   But moving forward to the present, I also recommend it as she continues to get into thorough detail about the bowing issues.  All in all, it feels good to know that somebody else is doing this; it gives impetus to all of us.

In conclusion I say – bravo! and I hope we can play someday together.

As for my fifth year, I admire goals, although at this point, I am less driven by them because my goals change as I learn more cello.   But we did set some goals for this year.   The Swan, of course, needs to be covered.  We plan to get into some Faure’ as well, although  Dan is still fleshing out those details.  There’s also a good chance of getting through the first Suite.

Another of my goal pieces, “Apres Un Reve” will have to wait a bit longer.  I also want to add to my Kol Nidre, as more of it is becoming accessible now.