Don’t be too impressed.

But I’m working through this piece nonetheless, at my current level of development.  It’s very difficult to listen to what is objectively happening on my cello.  But for now, I’m working on just getting the notes. That second chord after the repeat is my first four note chord that I’ve had to play.  As far as I can tell from watching Maisky on  YouTube, you don’t try to set your left hand for the entire thing, but sort of roll through with the left hand it as the bow does.  I notice when he’s playing F#-C#, his hand is already off the C string.

Practiced for about a half an hour tonight up to the first repeat, and played around but did not tackle directly that four-chord seriously.

One of my goals this year is to learn the notes for all my pieces a bit faster, since I should be thinking in larger chunks now instead of words.  My chunks are typically still small though, like slur at a time.